Wedding Speech Examples

When I was researching and planning my speech I came across some great groom wedding speech examples at the last minute. The really cool thing is that they help you avoid any memory blanks or blocks and help make everything flow smoothly for the big day.

The problem with this, is that most people think these groom speech examples are useless because they aren’t natural. I can relate to this as there was virtually no free and decent information available and so it was tough finding the balance between something that was creative and unique, but appropriate to my personality at the same time.

As luck would have it, a couple of nights before I came across some fill-in-the-blank resources that allowed me to incorporate parts of the speech I had written earlier into the template. Firstly, you choose a basic template and then they provide you with a number of prompts and ideas to help you fill in the blanks first. As I’d already written my speech, I found it was pretty easy in the end.

So what should you remember to include when filling in these templates?

True stories
A few jokes
Thank friends & family
Interactions with your guests
Ask rhetorical questions
Talk to your bride
Talk about your bride
Be yourself

Bear in mind that this is just my opinion. I felt this stuff really helped me to create my groom wedding speech when it all came down to it but you could choose to write your speech yourself if you like. It’s well and truly up to you! The main benefit of these pre-written layouts is that it allows you to organize everything naturally and in a way that everyone will enjoy listening to.

Another thing that these wedding speech examples really helped me with was to fathom everything out in a way that ensured no-one got bored. As I talked about in one of the other posts, I included a joke or two for the kids and also some content that was more suitable for the adult guests so that they’d like it too. Although there is a lot of emphasis placed on the groom’s speech and that it is very important for you, you shouldn’t ramble on for too long.

Get on the Internet and set out a plan using a wedding speech template and use the various guidelines that some of these sites provide you with to create a speech that is split up into separate topics. Include jokes and stories to make it interesting and remember to always try and keep your audience engaged. Just out of interest, the guide I used was this one here. I found it really useful as they had different things and different styles to choose from so I could choose one that suited me best.

Good luck :-)


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