Groom Wedding Speech: Formal Or Informal?

When making your grooms speech, it’s wise to keep in the back of your head the importance of the occasion. Remember, this isn’t some playground fantasy – it’s the real thing! The last thing you want is to end up upsetting someone and spoiling the whole day.

As much as it might be cool for you to add a teasing joke here or there, it’s not worth the risk. You want to emphasize to yourself the importance of pleasing your bride and her relatives above all else. One of the worst things you could do in this scenario is to compare your wife to any previous partner or stunning celebrity. One of my best friends recently made the HUGE mistake of making a joke about this at his own wedding; the whole thing turned out to be a catastrophe and ultimately lead to some serious insults and apologies over the course of weekend. So trust me on this one!

Albeit this might seem important to you, your fiancee will be fifty more times excited about her big day. Swallow your ego, stick to saying what you think she’d like to hear and you’ll be fine.

Wedding enemy number one is Alcohol. No matter how much drink you think you can handle, you’d be stunned at the amount of people who fall down in this area. That’s what the stag party and after part are for! If you want to drink, avoid doing so before your speech. I did this myself and felt much better after my groom wedding speech knowing that I’d conquered my nerves without needing any alcohol.

Finally, keep your speech interesting and short. One of the biggest mistakes I made was choosing not to plan ahead. It resulted in me fluffing a few of my words (although the overall thing went pretty well) and forgetting some of my lines. Also, keep it pretty short in length. Rehearse it a few times before the wedding and have your best man time you. At most I’d recommend making it no longer than 5-6 minutes.

Having said that, there are now plenty of resources online to help you make sure your speech goes down correctly and I’d strongly advise doing your homework at least 2-3 weeks before the big day.


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