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Is Your Funny Groom Speech Suitable?

When you’re writing your groom wedding speech, you’ll want to incorporate light-hearted humour that suits all ages. Remember, this is your important day and there will be people of all ages attending!

When I was double-checking my speech at the last minute, I realised I’d included a joke that was pretty inappropriate for the mother-in-law and also some of the younger children that would be there. It’s easy to get carried away and go off on a tangent in an attempt to be funny, so just make sure you do remember to double and even triple check your speech before the big day!

Be Funny, But Be Serious Too…

Albeit you might want to create a funny groom speech, just bear in mind that this is your chance to let others know how you feel. I found that striking the balance between something mildly-romantic and also humorous at the same time was the key to creating a groom wedding speech that everyone enjoyed.bad wedding speech

In most cases, the same old “how we met” story works wonders. It has people saying “aww” from the start and really increased my confidence allowing me to relax once I knew people were liking it.

So even though me and my new wife Sarah knew this story to the letter, I thought it was a good idea to give our friends and relatives an insight into our first date. And it really went down a treat…

I told the embarrassing (but funny) story of how Sarah and I wined and dined at the restaurant from hell on our first date and how from that moment on we were literally hooked on each other – soppy I know. This helped set the atmosphere for a great evening and got everyone pumped up and in the mood for what was to come!

Mentioning The Family…

Ah, the old classic. I personally didn’t talk much about my family as I wanted my beautiful bride to feel appreciated. After all, people didn’t come to our wedding to hear my life story!

I talked briefly about my upbringing and my very first girlfriend and this was where I was able to incorporate some humour into the speech. I also thanked everyone for their wealth of gifts (it was like Christmas ten times over!) and donations to our honeymoon and took the opportunity to thank both sets of parents for their help and support.

All in all, I’d recommend keeping your speech natural. Don’t try and go over the top on the humour and focus more on creating a groom wedding speech that is passionate and entertaining. The fact that I started off with a bit of history and humour was what really helped me overcome my nerves early on.

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Funny Groom Speeches

As I’ve talked about over the past few days, making your groom wedding speech funny is an essential part of being able to please and entertain everyone. Having said that, I’ve also stressed how important it is to include jokes suitable for all ages. Don’t be afraid to be a little on the edge, but don’t push it too far and start cracking up rude sex jokes or anything like that.

I had this dilemma myself and thought about how I’d go about making suitable jokes, so with the aid of Google I set about finding a couple of kids’ jokes (as strange as it may sound) and also incorporated some more adult humor that would appeal to the older guests. Bride jokes don’t go down well and remember that the father of the bride will also have spent time rehearsing his speech too – You don’t want to go treading on his toes by insulting his daughter a few seconds later! Remember, this is a day for not just you and your wife but for your immediate family to cherish and enjoy too.

On the other hand, humor can be used to keep peoples interest and sustain their attention for a longer period of time. Just bare in mind that the younger children such as your siblings, nieces and nephews may not be able to appreciate all your jokes and thus find it pretty difficult to pay attention. At the end of the day this is your wedding; no-one else’s. You want all eyes to be focused on you and your fiancée at all times.

More often than not, I’d recommend including reasonably funny jokes that everyone can appreciate. Dry humor seemed to go down pretty well for me (albeit my parents hate my sarcasm!) and I added a bit of comedy into things that were fairly emotional or sensitive. From the reaction, some of the jokes were unexpected but appreciated nonetheless as they kept people relaxed and entertained.

You want people to have fun and for your bride to feel appreciated. But this isn’t a comedy sketch or teenage love letter. It needs to remain sophisticated and professional with the perfect blend of comedy to even it out about 40-50% of the time. Let’s be honest. Writing funny groom speeches isn’t easy; it all sounds a bit tedious at this moment in time and it can appear hard at first to find the balance between not lecturing people and not being too informal either.

Just remember to relax, stay focused and remain calm throughout. It’s easier than you might think because at the end of the day all your guests are relatives or friends! I had all these people telling me to focus on one thing in the audience – like to stare at a picture on the wall or something. Personally, I ignored everyone’s advice and just did what felt natural. I didn’t lock up and managed to appear (I hope) moderately confident and relaxed.

I’ve seen guys gaze aimlessly into the audience before. It comes across as a bit arrogant as well as conveying that the person giving his groom wedding speech isn’t confident in himself. Believe it or not, this puts everyone on edge and actually makes them feel your nerves too – so don’t do it! Personally, I’d practice in front of your friends on your stag party beforehand. This got rid of most of my initial nerves and helped me not to worry come the big day…

Saying the right words at the right time can seem hard to grasp. Like I said a minute ago, remain calm and relaxed throughout and get plenty of practice in and I’m sure you’ll be fine. Alternatively, get an idea of what works by checking out some groom wedding speech examples.

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Wedding Speech Examples

When I was researching and planning my speech I came across some great groom wedding speech examples at the last minute. The really cool thing is that they help you avoid any memory blanks or blocks and help make everything flow smoothly for the big day.

The problem with this, is that most people think these groom speech examples are useless because they aren’t natural. I can relate to this as there was virtually no free and decent information available and so it was tough finding the balance between something that was creative and unique, but appropriate to my personality at the same time.

As luck would have it, a couple of nights before I came across some fill-in-the-blank resources that allowed me to incorporate parts of the speech I had written earlier into the template. Firstly, you choose a basic template and then they provide you with a number of prompts and ideas to help you fill in the blanks first. As I’d already written my speech, I found it was pretty easy in the end.

So what should you remember to include when filling in these templates?

True stories
A few jokes
Thank friends & family
Interactions with your guests
Ask rhetorical questions
Talk to your bride
Talk about your bride
Be yourself

Bear in mind that this is just my opinion. I felt this stuff really helped me to create my groom wedding speech when it all came down to it but you could choose to write your speech yourself if you like. It’s well and truly up to you! The main benefit of these pre-written layouts is that it allows you to organize everything naturally and in a way that everyone will enjoy listening to.

Another thing that these wedding speech examples really helped me with was to fathom everything out in a way that ensured no-one got bored. As I talked about in one of the other posts, I included a joke or two for the kids and also some content that was more suitable for the adult guests so that they’d like it too. Although there is a lot of emphasis placed on the groom’s speech and that it is very important for you, you shouldn’t ramble on for too long.

Get on the Internet and set out a plan using a wedding speech template and use the various guidelines that some of these sites provide you with to create a speech that is split up into separate topics. Include jokes and stories to make it interesting and remember to always try and keep your audience engaged. Just out of interest, the guide I used was this one here. I found it really useful as they had different things and different styles to choose from so I could choose one that suited me best.

Good luck :-)

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